Behind the Scenes: Making a Riptide Video

September 06, 2018 2 min read

Earlier this month we met up with Evan and Noah to shoot an video to show off some aggressive R1 Elite riding. We got lucky with a perfect day in Ventura, CA and the guys knew of some of the most scenic vistas in town. Check out the results above.
A whole lot of work (and fun) goes into a 33 second video like this including location scouting, day planning, equipment prep, and more. The goal of this one-day shoot was to focus on video, especially shots that showed the Riptide's maneuverability and speed.

Behind the Scenes:

Riptide Electric Skateboard Down Hill
While the Riptide's multiple speed modes make it a good fit for beginners to experts, the focus of this video was aggressive riding so it was a no brainer to bring in Noah, an experienced surfer, skater and all-around good dude. 
stabilize the image
Along with a sunny day, clean equipment, and a talented rider, the star of this shoot was the stabilizer which makes every shot look silky smooth, even when Evan our videographer was riding a Riptide of his own.
sitting against the wall
We were pretty stoked when we came across this scene - not too busy but not too boring, and with a few green hues that play off our wheels and main color scheme. It wasn't in the schedule for the day but it looked good so we shot a handful of photos including the one below which we have been running as an ad recently.
Electric Skateboard Motors
We've got a bunch more shoots lined up next month and we're excited to show you what we're working on! If you like behind-the-scenes stuff like this be sure to let us know in an email to

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