February Manufacturing Update

February 06, 2018

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In this update we'll go into detail regarding our production progress to date and what's coming next.

Our Test Shipment of Boards Has Arrived

As discussed in our last update we have now received a test shipment of boards sent via air freight from our manufacturer. The purpose of the test shipment is to get all potential unforeseen pitfalls and hangups in the testing / fulfillment processes out of the way so we're ready to hit the ground running once our volume sea freight shipment arrives.

The next steps of this process are:

  • Complete diagnostic checks
  • Finalize how we'll package shirts, standard wheel sets, carabiners, and fast chargers with boards
  • Determine warehousing, picking, packing, and shipping rules, along with software integrations
  • Design and refine a process to install ABEC11 Flywheels and Shredlights to R1 Elites


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R1 Elites Now Coming With Upgrades Installed

We're stoked to say that all R1 Elite orders up until today (2/6)* will receive both sets of wheels and have their ABECs and ShredLights pre-installed. Congrats on getting the only boards with a free set of wheels! Your R1 Elite will be ready to rock out of the box, no assembly required.

*Going forward the ShredLights and wheels will be installed, but customers will not receive an additional set of the standard 83mm R1 wheels.


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Schedule for Inbound Orders

We're looking forward to the upcoming week, as components will start rolling into HQ in volume for the first time:

  • T-Shirts (received Monday)
  • Sk8ology Carabiners: Weds 2/7
  • ABEC11 Wheels: Thursday 2/8
  • ShredLights: Thursday 2/8
  • Volume Order of Riptide Boards: 2/26 (arrive in port)


Updated Shipping Schedule

The most important shipment listed above is the last one: the volume sea freight shipment of boards. We're super stoked that all production is now complete (woohoo!) and the container is booked. It is scheduled to leave Shenzhen port on 2/9 and arrive at the Long Beach port on 2/26.

We're sorry for this two week delay - it was a result of a significant backlog for sea freight leading up into Chinese New Year. The upside of this was that the new timing allowed us to increase our shipment size, enabling us to ship out boards ordered after 12/1/17 at a faster pace than previously estimated.


Indiegogo and Website orders made in November or earlier Shipping in early March*
Indiegogo and Website orders made in December or later Shipping in early March


Noting that it will take a few days to get through customs in Long Beach we now expect domestic orders to begin shipping out during the first week of March. At that time our team will be trained and processes will be in place to get boards shipping very quickly, and we expect to be completely caught up with Domestic orders within two weeks of receiving the volume shipment at HQ.

We will be doing our best to ship out boards in the order of purchase (or Indiegogo backing) though R1 Elites may take slightly longer due to the time required to install hundreds of ShredLights and ABECs.

*Depending on the results of the test shipment boards the first few boards may begin shipping at the end of February.


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International Shipping

International orders (not including Canada and Mexico) will be shipped directly from our manufacturer to their necessary countries, either directly to your door or through our regional distributor - we're still working out the finer details of this. This process will begin after Chinese New Year at the end of February. At this time we expect International customers to receive their boards on a similar time table as Domestic customers.

Note: International R1 Elites may not have ABECs and Shredlights pre-installed. We're working towards this goal at this time and will keep you updated on our progress.


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January Instagram Highlights

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From the Team

Seeing the test shipment come in has been an awesome experience and is truly just a sign of things to come. In the time between now and the end of February we're going to be refining our internal processes along with shooting new content teaching you tips and tricks on how to ride and maintain your board - all with the goal of making receiving and riding your board for the first time as seamless as possible.

Thanks as always for your patience and support, riding is now only a month away!


Eric and the Team


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