May International Update

May 03, 2018 3 min read

on pier with boards

5/21 Update:

  • All EU boards have now landed in London. Once they clear customs they will be transported to our London fulfillment partner. Once there they’ll be shipped to your door via ground shipping. EU accessories are being shipped directly to your door from our California warehouse.
  • Australia boards have now shipped from our manufacturer to our local fulfillment partner, who will be sending the board to your door via ground shipping. Accessories will ship from our California warehouse early this coming week.


How Your Board and Accessories will Arrive

Depending on your country (see below) your board and accessories will arrive either in a single package or several packages. We are working to keep this number down as much as possible. If you have ordered an R1 Elite you will receive an R1 with a set of ABEC11 Wheels and ShredLights.

We've put together the following guides to walk you through how to upgrade your board to an R1 Elite.

Note: We really wanted to deliver your boards pre-assembled but in the end all of these options would have delayed fulfillment even further. We want to get you riding so we made the decision to go this route. Also all shipments are going via air rather than sea because it was important to us to end the waiting ASAP.




Since our last updated we've received our validated VAT and EORI numbers and our UK fulfillment partner has now approved us to ship lithium batteries. Here are the items owed:

  • 51 Boards

We have booked this shipment of boards but are still waiting for a precise delivery date. Now that the most recent Chinese holiday is over we expect to have a date within a week. We are pressing them (the freight forwarder) every day for this information.

  • 34 Sets of ABEC11 Wheels
  • 34 Sets of ShredLights
  • 21 Carabiners
  • 16 Fast Chargers

These items will be shipped from our warehouse in California to our fulfillment partner in the UK. They are currently boxed up and will ship out later this week. At this time you'll be receiving your items in separate boxes, but we've made an effort to keep the number of boxes down as much as possible.




Yesterday we were approved by our Australian fulfillment partner to ship lithium ion batteries. Here are the items owed:

  • 14 Boards

We have requested a quote for the shipment of boards and will be shipping them out as quickly as possible. We expect to have a finalized delivery date next week.

  • 9 Sets of ABEC11 Wheels
  • 9 Sets of ShredLights
  • 14 Carabiners
  • 8 Fast Chargers

These items will be shipped from our warehouse in California to our fulfillment partner in Melbourne. This shipment is boxed up and will ship out within the week. We are working to have our Australian fulfillment partner kit all of your items into one box for simplicity (we also save money on shipping this way).




These boards will be shipping directly from our manufacturer to your door.

  • 2 Boards

 We project the shipments will begin next week.

  • 1 Set of ABEC11 Wheels
  • 1 Set of ShredLights
  • 2 Carabiners
  • 1 Fast Charger

These above accessories will be fulfilled directly from our California warehouse and will be timed to arrive around the same time as the boards.




We recognize that this process has taken a long time and the delays have been frustrating. Thanks again for your patience and support through our bumpy beginnings on the International scene and we're stoked to get you riding.



The RideRiptide Team