Production Has Begun!

December 13, 2017

electric board

We're excited to announce that we have finalized the design of the Riptide board, hand remote, and packaging. Production has begun and we're stoked to begin shipping units next month.


Remote and Board Improvements

  • Three Unique Riding Modes (up from two): We've added an Eco mode that blends the gentle acceleration of beginner mode with the top speed of fast mode.
  • Auto-Start: Simply set your board on the ground, push, and it will turn onand begin riding.
  • Auto-Shutoff: The board will auto-shutoff after 10 minutes. The remote auto-shutoff after 1min when board is powered off. These features save battery and you never worry about whether you forgot to turn them off. (Note: You can still use the power button on the side of the board)

controller and box



The Riptide's packaging has an outer carton (not pictured above), inner carton, custom die-cut protective foam, and an accessory box. Every board will ship with our standard R1 wheels installed, so if you ordered an R1 Elite you'll also receive the ABEC 11 90mm 75a wheels and Shredlights in your inner carton, along with installation directions. This means R1 Elite pre-orderers will get both sets of wheels.

The board is protected during transportation by several pieces of dense foam, which will prevent the board from rattling and the nose and tail poking from through the box.


electric board protection


Accessory Box

Inside the accessory box you'll find your owner's manual, board charger, remote control charger (micro-usb), two replacement belts, an extra set of bearings, and a skate tool. If you want to order additional belts we'll be making that available through our website soon.

riptide accessory box


In this prototype (below) the foam is white, but in production the accessory box foam will be black.


inside accessory box



Production of rear truck sets and motor installation has begun. Orders of decks, wheels, battery boxes, motors, and batteries are in as well.

motorized skateboard manufacturing

 riptide wheel


Latest Video

Alec in Australia got some smooth shots riding the R1 Elite, check it out: 


Instagram Highlights

Do you follow Riptide on Instagram? If you don't join the fam here. See some of the highlights of our recent Instagram stories:


Delivery Schedule

Manufacturing began at the end of November and is currently on schedule to finish around the end this month. Our first container of boards will ship by sea and arrive to our warehouse in California in late January. Shipments will begin in the following days. We can't wait to get Riptide under your feet!


Wishing everyone a happy holidays,
Eric and the Team

electric skateboard braking

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