Latest Riptide Features and Progress

October 23, 2017

electric skateboard

First off we want to thank everyone who helped make our campaign a major success! Whether you backed a board, came out to a group ride, shared our project, or simply liked one of our posts, we sincerely appreciate your support. The campaign ended at $145k earlier this month, nearly 300% of our goal (!). Since then we've been hard at work getting the Riptide ready for production.

We've added the following new features:

Downhill Braking, Even on a Full Charge

With the crowdfunding prototypes if your board was fully charged, braking power would be significantly limited on downhills. We worked closely with our battery and charger suppliers to add proprietary overcharge circuitry to circumvent this issue. Now you'll have full brakes available for a period of time after a full charge - a safety feature we've wanted since the beginning and we're excited to say it works great!

look at electric skateboard


Concavity Added to the Deck

The new deck offers slight concavity, meaning the edges of the deck are curved up from the middle of the deck. The previous samples were completely flat. This new concavity hugs your feet, gives the board a more comfortable ride, and makes it easier to carve. This is a small change but it has a huge positive impact on ride-ability. We're stoked!

electric skateboard deck

Simplified Deck Logo

We've simplified our deck's logo to match the font from our website and campaign. Also, modifications to our deck and battery box allow us to use fewer screws to mount the battery box (here is what it looked like before), meaning you'll see fewer screw heads between the handles. The result is a cleaner, better looking board.

riptide electric skateboard logo


Laser Cut Wave

The prototypes used during the campaign had a hand cut wave on the nose of the board. This was a bit sloppy and inconsistent from board to board (see it here). Our new decks have a laser cut grip tape, ensuring a perfect wave every time.

laser cut electric skateboard logo


Next Up

In the coming weeks we'll be working towards: 

  • Finalizing our injection molded battery boxes. This includes material selection and design refinements. The mold is in progress and we expect to receive and test the first samples in the next two weeks.
  • Receive battery certifications. This is underway and we expect to receive the battery certifications in November.
  • Adding logos to the wheels. These designs are complete and submitted. We're awaiting samples.
  • Design and production of shipping boxes and manuals. We have rough drafts of both that we're currently working to finish.
  • Additional small tweaks and changes to the board's internals. The latest prototypes are fantastic - we're really encouraged by them - and the final tweaks will ensure durability, fitment, and material selection.
  • Lots and lots of ride testing. We're doing everything possible to beat up these boards to ensure they can handle anything you throw at them out in the field. 

And most importantly yes, we're on schedule to deliver in January and we can't wait to get you your boards!


Eric and the Team 


electric skateboard


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