RipTide Sports Inc, RideRiptide

June 01, 2018 1 min read

Clarification: RipTide Sports Inc, RideRiptide Electric Skateboards
This post is to clear up any confusion regarding RipTide Sports Inc. and RideRiptide Electric Skateboards.
RipTide Sports Inc. has been involved with the longboarding industry since 2010. Their performance bushings, footstops, and lubricants are hand crafted in small batches in California and are favorites of many downhill longboarding professionals.
RideRiptide Electric Skateboards launched in 2017. Our electric skateboards blend big power and compact sizing. Our products are designed in California and made by our partners in Shenzhen.
The companies are separate and there is no formal business relationship, but we have been in conversation since before RideRiptide's launch.
The RideRiptide Team