$100k! Stretch Goal Hit!

September 29, 2017

electric skateboard goal

Over the past couple of weeks have felt your incredible support spreading the word about Riptide and we're so excited that we've just hit $100,000 (!!!), 200% of our original goal. You all have made the R1 happen and we can't wait to get the boards to you.


Stretch Goal Hit!

Once we hit our 125th board level backer EVERY BACKER got a Sk8ology Carabiner added to their order! We love this tool and we're confident you will too!

electric skateboard tool

If you have any ideas for additional stretch goals be sure to email us and let us know.


Extending the Campaign!

For a handful of reasons we have decided to extend the campaign an additional 10 days. In no way will this extension affect our ability to deliver the boards on time. The reasons we've decided to extend the campaign include:

  • SF Group Ride on Saturday 9/30
  • Still waiting on a few YouTube reviews to come out
  • Indiegogo Promotion once you hit $100k
  • Chinese Golden Week is from 10/1-10/8


SF Group Ride on Saturday

On Saturday, 9/30 we'll be joining the Bay Area Esk8 Group for a five mile ride. If you plan to join be sure to email us at info@rideriptide.com. We'll do our best to give everyone a chance to ride but we recommend you bring your board (or scooter, motorized or not) so you can cruise with us even when you're not riding the Riptide.

  • 2:00 - Meet @ Harry Bridges Plaza, in front of the Ferry Building
  • 2:30 - Head down Embarcadero to Fort Mason
  • 2:45 - Mess around Fort Mason and do time trials (space permitting)
  • 3:00 - Head back down Columbus to get to Last Mile SF
  • 3:15/3:30 - Head back to Harry Bridges Plaza

We'll have the cameras rolling all day and we're excited to share the content with you.


More YouTube Reviews are Coming Out

Over the past month we've sent the R1 out to a few Youtubers who will be posting their videos in the coming days. We felt that these videos may convince some people who are on the fence and wanted to give them a chance to buy at our Indiegogo pricing.


Indiegogo Recommendation

Our reps at Indiegogo informed us that once we hit $100k we automatically qualify for Indiegogo-led promotions, including newsletter inclusion, social media advertising, etc. If you follow Indiegogo you'll probably see these features next week and our representative recommended we extend the campaign so we can take advantage of them.


Golden Week in China

October 1st through 8th is Golden Week in China, where nearly all manufacturers (including many of our partners) shut down for the entire week. Golden Week has been on our radar and doesn't come as a surprise, but we mention it so you know that even if we wanted our partners to be making progress, they wouldn't be.


Other Production Updates

We've been talking to our manufacturing partners daily throughout the campaign and have made the following strides:

  • Last week we visited ABEC11 again in Huntington Beach and discussed our order. They also showed us some cool stuff from the future that we may be able to offer as an upgrade down the line.
  • Earlier this week we completed the deposit and production began for our battery box mold.
  • Today we received another round of deck samples, which are getting closer than ever.

After Golden Week ends we'll be giving you a much deeper dive behind-the-scenes on how final tweaks and production are going.


Massive thanks to all our backers!

Thanks so much for supporting our project! Continue to spread the word!


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