Riptide R1 Elite

  • The R1 Elite combines major performance (20 mph, 8 mile range) in a compact package, while adding lights and top-of-the-line wheels. Your R1E will ship within 1-3 business days. Standard shipping then takes 1-5 business days (UPS Ground from CA) with rush shipping options available during checkout. International orders may be required to pay additional import fees.

Electric Skateboard with Kick Tail

Designed By Riders, For Riders

Customer Reviews

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Ski Chinski Stakeboard

If you don’t know who Ski Chinski is, forgettaboutit riding this stakeboard. So, Rad! This stakeboard is perfect, recommend wear your helmet riding the Riptide. The braking system is awesome, I was impressed and the speed is good but wish I could go wee bit faster than 22. I couldn’t be happier, thank.

What a skateboard!

This board is worth every penny! Speed charger took about 2.25 hours instead of 90 mins as claimed. Curious how long the next charge will take.. but other then that one complaint, this riptide truely RIPS lol every somewhat experienced to advanced riders should own one!


Another California rider

Fun, unique board

Solid board that I think is excellent for those getting into electric skateboarding. The board is nimble with the single electronics enclosure and large kicktail. The powerband is smooth and linear and the ABEC ReFly wheels on the R1X provide a ride head and shoulders above the standard wheels. The shred lights have excellent visibility during nighttime rides without blinding oncoming traffic or pedestrians. Customer service as expected is excellent in responsiveness and dealing quickly with issues (in my case, a motor mount is becoming slightly loose, and a repair kit is being sent free of charge). Overall, a good campus cruiser, trail shredder and open-road joy ride.


Awesome board

Riptide rider of the OC

I wanted a short Eboard with a kick tail just for fun,I have owned a Boosted Board V2 dual+ for almost 2 years which has been excellent ,but there mini X is $999.00 so when Mikey Shelly on Utube had the discount code for $200.00 off the R1 It was a no brainer and he liked the board and gave it a great review and I trust him a lot he tells it like it is no BS,so I ordered one,love it a lot for short distance and the turning radius is unbelievable,it’s fast enough for a short board,still getting use to the braking it will throw you off if not careful that’s the only draw back l found.The speed,ride,turning and price are unmatched in the Eboard market.