14 Mile RX Battery

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This is a pre-order, which will ship in Mid-March 

Say goodbye to range anxiety with up to 14 miles of commute-crushing range per charge. The Riptide R1X battery features the largest capacity standard battery of any short board on the market. Samsung 25R 2500mah high drain lithium-ion cells give the RX Battery more range, more peak power, and less voltage sag.

The RX Battery can also be purchased separately and installed on any R1 or R1 Elite by following these directions. It is fully compatible with Riptide standard and speed chargers.



The Riptide R1X battery is 6S4P (21.6v nominal / 25.2v max, 10.0Ah total), with Samsung INR18650-25R high-discharge lithium ion cells each capable of over 20A of continuous discharge.

The BMS is 30A continuous / 60A peak, with all standard safety protections, cell balancing, temperature monitoring, and over-spec’d components.

Running high-discharge cells in a powerful 4P configuration with 10.0Ah of high-drain capacity gives the Riptide a significant increase in range per charge, with enough amperage to handle heavy loads when it needs it.


Customer Reviews: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Totally Awesome

I used to skateboard in high school, but hadn't ridden in years. When I saw electric boards come out I was interested but they were outside of my price range, plus I was never comfortable without a kick tail. When I saw the RX1 style with 14 mile range, I knew I had to have it. I was worried about what the experience would be like, having never ridden an esk8 before. Well... the acceleration is an adrenaline rush, and handles some tough uphills pretty darn well. It's great at carving too, despite the shorter scale. 11/10 would buy again!

Power meets Attitude and Old school looks = Riptide R1x

Riptide Skate definitely has some attitude when riding it. I love the feeling of the old school skateboard looks. The dual belts drive are more powerful and faster than my dual hub motor Halo board 2. Distance and speed are on par w/spec. Using the Riptide's Blue wheels: Max speed: 21.8mph. I'm only 129 lbs. Love it! Kinda scare to put on the black wheel. Since, I only wear a baseball cap when riding. I might get 3-4 mph more from this R1x. My only advice for Riptide is: You guys should check out 121cboards.com. They have 4 models of Carbon Fiber boards, BEAUTIFUL! I bought all 4 boards. Going to build myself an electric board soon. The boards price are very reasonable! Please team up with these guys, get their boards and balance out your power to create your Unique Carbon Fiber Riptide. Build your brands with Carbon Fiber, Wood is just damn heavy!

Great power, great distance!

So stoked on this battery- definitely worth the money to upgrade! First ride about 8 miles up and down hills and no loss of power whatsoever. I’m looking forward to many more long rides without power anxiety. Easy to swap out. Well done Riptide team!

R1X is seriously impressive

Rode my R1X alongside a boosted board yesterday in about 30 degree winter weather. Boosted started out at 74% battery I was at 85% when we ended our hour long ride I was just over 40% and the boosted was totally drained. The boosted had a very slight acceleration advantage but the R1X has a slightly faster cruise top speed. I live around extremely steep hills and it and cruise up 95% of hills comfortably. I weigh 190 pounds and it has no troubles getting me anywhere! The quality of the trucks, wheels, and bearings is so smooth and stable.

Pocket rocket

So far soo good.. thanks for the board nice to ride and the kicktail is wicked much easyer to ride then a longboard.. short compact great at carving n sharp turns also droping off curbs its much easyer on this board kicktail is key works so well. Good job riptide you have crafted a awsome board. I have added kustom griptape to my deck not because i didnt like how it came it looked good as is. Just trying somthink different 👌👌

Controller Brakes

Hey guys,

I just recieved my bhoard about a week ago... I must say i have been having alot of fun riding.... My concerns are that the controller sometimes gets stuck in the forward position and that is not good and just feels cheap ( must say not a fan on the controller but still works)..... My other concern is that when braking the belt skips and i do not think that should be happening... Please advise if there is a way that i can fix that.


Awesome board

Great board

I'm 6 foot 230 pounds and the board whips me around like I'm half the size. Lots of fun.

The new normal

I love my new riptide R1. I take it to class everyday, and it definitely helps me go up hills that I couldn’t with a normal longboard or even a hub motor electric board. Great product overall.