Ambassador Newsletter

Hey everyone we are stoked for 2019 and to welcome our new group of ambassadors! This year we hope to really expand the program and provide you with more tools to create content and connect to other riders! 

For an upcoming ad campaign we want to use your testimonials. We'd love if you could send us a video like the one below (maybe smile, unlike my buddy). If your video is used we will send you $50! 

Suggestions for the video:

  • Your name
  • Where you're from
  • Why you like your Riptide
  • Vertical camera shot, waist up
  • Outside 
  • Clear and loud audio
  • 10-30 seconds
  • Please email your testimonial video to

    2019 Ambassador Leaderboard

    We are blown away by the number of boards our ambassadors are selling!

      Name  # of Boards Sold
    1st. Brandon 7
    2nd. Michael 6
    3rd. Anthony



    What is the best way to send in content? 

    Email content to, and tag us in any social media post.

    I sent you a photo/video I made and did not get paid, why?

    To clarify, we pay $50 for photos and $300 for videos that we use in sponsored ads. This means we post it to one of our social media platforms and spend money to promote it. 

    What type of content are we looking for?

    We only have about 1.7 seconds to capture the viewers attention. For any video we run as a paid ad, it's very important that right at the beginning we show:

    1) This is an electric skateboard, so show the motors and the battery compartment. 

    2) This thing is fast, so show it moving quickly. 

    Also, in order to be run as paid ads, videos must either have music that is royalty free or the license has been sorted out. In certain instances we can help with the costs associated with this. Video ads should start and end with our logo. 

    Things to avoid: Don't start slow and build. We love drone shots but make sure they don't take away from a driving pace.

    Recommended Specifications: 

    Size: tall 4x3 (1440x1080) or square. 

    Length: 15-45 seconds 



    The RideRiptide Team