Frequently Asked Questions


What is the best way to contact you?

You can reach us at


Do you ship Internationally?

We currently ship to:




European Union



United States


If you are interested in a Riptide R1 and your country is not on this list please sign up here to be notified and we'll let you know when we begin shipping to your country.


What features does the Riptide's hand controller have?

  • Three Rider Modes - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced - are selectable on-the-fly
  • Reverse with Smart Activation
  • Regenerative and Active Braking
  • Soft-start for smooth acceleration off the line
  • Low Battery ramp to reduce voltage sag and low battery braking enabled

The remote is independently FCC certified, 16-channel (2402-2480 MHz) Bluetooth connected with auto-binding, and an effective range of 14 meters with no interference. 

The remote charges with the included micro-USB cable.


Can I take the Riptide on an airplane?

The Riptide comes with a 97Wh battery. Its UN-38.3 approved and airline friendly. We can’t guarantee it can go on any flight as every airline has their own rules, but the battery and board do fit in with the general TSA regulations to bring as a carry-on.


Can I swap the battery?

The battery is not "hot-swappable" but it is replaceable. It takes about 5-10 mins and just one tool.


What is the warranty?

The Riptide will come with a six-month warranty. If you have issues with your board we'll either send you the replacement parts or have you send it back to San Diego to be fixed.

What kind of battery does the Riptide have?

The battery is 6S3P (21.6v nominal / 25.2v max, 4.5Ah total) lithium ion 18650 rated at 8C max continuous discharge.  BMS is 30A continuous / 60A peak, with all standard safety protection plus cell balancing.  Running high-discharge cells in a 3P configuration gives the Riptide enough amperage to handle heavy loads when it needs it.


What type of motors does the Riptide have?

The Riptide has dual belt drive motors capable of 1800 watts of peak power. These are brushless, sensorless DC motors, similar to what you’d find on a DJI drone, but bigger. We picked belt drive over hub motors because our Riptide thesis is all about maximum performance in a small package, and belt drives allow for better torque delivery to maximize acceleration and hill climbing. It’s true that belts will wear down over time but it’s a quick five-minute replacement and we felt that it was worth it. 


How much power does the Riptide have?

The Riptide has 1800W peak power. When fully charged the Riptide is 25.2v which equates to 907w continuous and over 1800w max for short bursts (with a BMS properly matched for this output), powering motors that are rated for 1800w continuous.


Is the Riptide waterproof?

The board is not waterproof. We’ve made several design decisions to make it as water resistant as possible. You can ride through irrigation runoff or the occasional puddle, but we don’t recommend riding in wet conditions - not when it’s raining or right after it has rained - as you may damage the electronics and rust the bearings. Also, it’s extremely dangerous to ride in conditions with reduced traction, both for your board AND because of the cars around you.

The battery box is fully sealed and partitioned to seal battery compartment and motor controller compartments independently. We chose sensorless motors to further reduce susceptibility to water and made many components easily serviceable for regular maintenance.


Does the Riptide have regenerative braking?

The Riptide employs multiple types of braking technologies that allow it to smoothly and quickly slow down and come to a complete stop.  This includes integrating both regenerative braking and active braking.

The Riptide also has variable braking strength, which means that you have more dynamic control over braking speed than an on-or-off pre-programmed braking curve used by some other brands.


What is the weight limit?

250 lbs.


Where is the board built?

The board was designed in California and is assembled by our partners in Shenzhen, China.


Isn’t this just another China board like Meepo, Genesis, Koowheel, Benchwheel, Acton, Juiced, Winboard, I-Wonder etc?

Well yes and no. The board is assembled in China with a mix of off-the-shelf and custom parts. 

Our production ESC utilizes hardware that is similar to controllers in some other Shenzhen-produced electric skateboards. It is a proven and robust layout that ensures safety, functionality, and reliability at a reasonable price and without the risk of endless development delays or the hemorrhaging costs that go with them.*
Regarding the software, we've worked extensively alongside (and physically next to) the firmware designers to uniquely optimize the code for our specific 5055 motors.

We chose an easy to use and reliable hand controller similar to those used by Meepo and Enertion. 

For the truck set, we tested single and dual hub sets from vendors for Acton, Koowheel, and others, along with variations of single and dual belt drives you’d find on Benchwheel, Liftboard, I-Wonder, or others. Ultimately, we decided against those and went with another vendor.

So, in a sense, the ESC, hand controller, trucks, and motors are derived from designs that are off the shelf, but the Riptide board uses a unique combination of parts matched for performance and reliability.

The fully custom parts include the deck, battery box, and battery.

The deck has gone through many iterations of both design and sampling. It actually includes quite a few elements in a compact 31” package. It’s made from Canadian Maple and has laser cut grip tape, micro-concave, laser engraving, dual CNC handles, and a kicktail. The wheelbase is stable but extremely maneuverable for tight cornering, handles are comfortable and balanced for weight distribution, grip is positioned effectively for all stances, and nose and kick are sized for function and curb appeal.

We have strong established relationships with many battery sources from previous work in China so we handpicked our battery vendor, and built a custom pack with exactly the cells and specifications the Riptide needed.  

The battery box was custom designed and prototyped in California. Several rounds of design, 3D printing, and CNC were completed to ensure proper fitment of the battery and controller, gasket and grommet seals to keep water out, structural strength, heat dissipation, and ideal placement of power switch, charge port, and our custom battery meter.


I'm a journalist / vlogger who wants to cover the Riptide's release? Can I check it out before its out?

Absolutely! Check out our press page here. Please reach out to us at if you have any questions or want to meet up and ride.


Did we miss something? 

If your question is not answered here, please reach out to us at and we'll add it to the list.