Job Postings


Position: Social Media Host


Location: Southern California (Santa Barbara to San Diego)

We are: Riptide Electric Skateboards, an up-and-coming SoCal company focused on building majorly powerful electric skateboards in a compact, convenient, skate-able package - starting at $599.

You are: A driven, charismatic content creator who enjoys being on camera, loves to skate, and understands social media from both user and brand perspectives.


Your Responsibilities

  • You own our Instagram stories. Usually you'll be filming POV but occasionally you'll point the camera towards yourself. Make it entertaining! Ride cool places. Do cool stuff. Go get tacos. Cruise into class just in time. Get others to ride with you. You know Instagram - we're looking for the kind of fast-paced, sticky content that people can't take their eyes off of. We're there to assist with the more serious camera equipment but we expect you to be savvy at capturing stories using your phone.
  • You'll appear in company videos including product walkthroughs, unboxings, original content, and more. This stuff is slightly more "Hi-Fi" than the stories and will populate our YouTube Channel, Facebook Ads, and more. On occasion we'll travel (within SoCal) with a videographer and producer to meet up with customers, host group rides, and film it all for our social media channels and website.
  • Be Creative. Research, reach out to, and collaborate with other cool brands and creators. Brainstorm cool content ideas for our stories and channels. We're a very small company with next-to-no red tape. If you've got an idea just pitch it, we'll approve a little budget, and then BAM you go execute it!

Your Skills:

  • Must be charismatic and comfortable speaking infront of the camera. Bonus points if you can shoot and/or edit pictures and videos on your phone.
  • Must be able to skate. No need for tricks but you must be comfortable cruising. Bonus points if you have some tricks in the bag like this guy.
  • Bonus points if you know any of these softwares or skills: Final Cut Pro, Premier, GoPro, Drone Flying, Lightroom, etc, or you've ever had a YouTube channel of your own.

Your Commitment:

  • This is a part time, hourly consultant role, 5-15 hours per week. Ideally you are available 1-2 weekdays per week. This is negotiable. We shoot during the weekdays so if you have a full time gig this probably isn't for you. That said if you're absolutely the right person, we'll make it work!
  • We're a small, expanding company and this role may grow over time.


How to Apply:

Apply with your resume, a picture, and a cover letter to We want to see your resume but its much more important for us to get an understanding of who you are so be sure to include links to pieces of content that that show off your personality. We're stoked to meet you!