Rewards / Referrals

When you refer a new customer,
they get 10% off and
you get 4000 points.

4000 points = $40 Store Credit. Redeem 8000 points for a free Speed Charger.

We've seen a bunch of you posting your boards to Instagram and Facebook which is awesome. Thanks so much for spreading the word! We have launched our Rewards / Referral Program to incentivize you to keep on sharing, both in person and throughout Internetland.  Check out this new program by clicking the pop up in the bottom right corner of our website.

This program is in the early stages and we're still building it out / testing it. If you're interested please click the "Rewards / Referrals" button, sign up, and check it out. Scroll down within the pop up to find your custom referral link. 


riptide electric skateboard


So here's one way it could work for you:

  1. You're riding down the street. Someone stops and asks you about the board.
  2. You go to our website on your phone. Scroll down to "Rewards" in the footer.
  3. You'll already be logged in so just click on the Referrals pop up.
  4. Scroll down, click on the email envelope icon underneath your referral link.
  5. Hand them your phone, have them put their email in.
  6. Click Send and boom you're done. If they buy through your link they'll get 10% off and you'll get $40 store credit.


This sounds clunky but once you try you'll see how easy it is. Let us know your feedback at info at ride riptide dot com. We have a lot of ideas for this and we're going to be releasing more ways to earn points along with more gear to redeem your points for soon.



electric skateboard controller



#RideRiptide and #TodayWithTheR1 on Instagram

Its been really awesome seeing people upload photos of their boards. Keep it up! Our March Instagram compilation will be our best yet thanks to your content! Use these hashtags to make sure we see your stuff and we'll include it in the video.

If you post an Instagram story that you want us to see make sure to send it to us as a DM too. Thanks!

Remember, our favorite tagged post in March will win a Fast Charger! Check out some of the best recent pics at the bottom of this post.