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You can download photos, videos, graphics, and logos here.

We're incredibly excited to announce the Riptide R1. An electric skateboard that packs all the power of premium brands like Boosted, Evolve, and Inboard, into a compact 31" deck, at 1/3rd of the cost. Shipping now at $599.
You can pre-order the Riptide here.

The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard
Powerful, Portable, Affordable

You can download photos, videos, graphics, and logos here.



The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard comes in two models: The R1 and the R1 Elite.

Riptide R1

The R1 packs 1800W of power*
into a compact, 31" deck.

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 Price: $599
Top Speed: 18 mph
Range: 7 Miles*
Weight: 13 lbs
Wheels: 83mm 78a
Headlights? No

electric skateboard

Riptide R1 Elite

The Elite Package adds headlights / tail lights, along with larger, softer wheels, increasing speed and range.

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 Price: $729
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 8 Miles*
Weight: 14 lbs
Wheels: 90mm 75a*
Headlights? Yes*


The R1 and R1 Elite batteries are both <99Wh, making them safe for air travel.
R1 Elite Wheels provided by ABEC 11. 
R1 Elite headlights and tail lights provided by Shredlights.
Power rating is peak power.



How does the Riptide compare to other electric skateboards? 

Normally in electric skateboards, boards are either longer and powerful, or compact and underpowered. The Riptide is the first board to pack the power and top speed of a premium board into a compact package. Thus, the specifications are closer to that of a $1299 board than to other affordable options.

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What makes the Riptide stand out from the crowded electric skateboard field:

The Riptide provides a unique blend of massive power and compact design, making it the perfect board for commuters or travelers. Normally electric skateboards come in two categories: Premium Longboards and Budget Shortboards. The Premium Longboards come with a ton of power, speed, and range and are a blast to ride, but their long length makes them less convenient to carry and they often cost over $1000. Budget Shortboards provide a small, convenient package but are often underpowered or come with lower quality components (like small wheels or narrow trucks) that can hurt the experience. The Riptide R1 takes the powerful motors, high quality wheels, and wide trucks from a Premium Longboard and fits it into a compact 31" deck, starting at $599.


Who is your target audience? 


The Riptide was built by boarders with other boarders in mind. First timers will enjoy the board as well, but individuals with past boarding experience (whether its surfing, snowboarding, skateboard, wakeboarding, etc) will appreciate the raw power right away, and will recognize how the nuances including the kicktail, wheel, and truck selection, really contribute to the ride quality.


The Riptide's high power and affordable price make it perfect for riding around campus, and its small size mean you can slide it under a desk without headache. 

Urban Commuters

The Riptide's compact deck and handles make it easy bring on a train or to throw into the trunk of an Uber. The large, soft wheels make the board perfect for poor city pavement. And lastly, the inclusion of headlights and tail lights will help other drivers, pedestrians, and bicyclists see you at busy intersections at low light.


The Riptide comes with a precisely engineered battery capacity that is within the range of TSA guidelines. Once you're past security the small size and handles make the R1 a breeze to transport through the terminal or to check into the overhead compartment.

Electric Skateboard Owners

Everyone who rides an electric skateboard knows it more fun to ride with friends (or you wife / husband / kid / grandma / etc). With a Riptide as your second board now you've got something they can ride at a competitive price that can actually keep up with more premium boards.


Where are you based?

Long Beach, CA


Do you have samples available for press to review?

We are sending out boards for first impressions for two days to approved journalists. We expect these to be sent back as our quantity is limited. Please reach out to if you are interested.

We'll be sending out full units for longer reviews once in production.


More questions?

Check out our FAQ.


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