Riptide Special Reddit Offers

Our Indiegogo Project is now live!
We're big fans of Reddit and the NYC EBoarding Crew. We're offering members of both groups our Early Bird Pricing and a Free Shirt!

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Pre-Order a Riptide R1, get a free shirt! 

To pre-order a Riptide R1 and get the free shirt click this link.


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Pre-Order a Riptide R1 Elite, get a free shirt! 

To pre-order a Riptide R1 Elite and get the free shirt click this link.
Both offers will end on 9/6/17.

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Introducing the Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard 

We're incredibly excited to announce the Riptide R1. An electric skateboard that packs all the power of premium brands like Boosted, Evolve, and Inboard, into a compact 31" deck, at 1/3rd of the cost. The Riptide will begin crowdfunding on 8/30/17, starting at $499.
You can pre-order the Riptide through our Indiegogo Project.

The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard
Powerful, Portable, Affordable

You can download photos, videos, graphics, and logos here


The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard comes in two models: The R1 and the R1 Elite.

Riptide R1

The R1 packs 1800W of power
into a compact, 31" deck.

more photos here

 Price: $499*
Top Speed: 18 mph
Range: 7 Miles*
Weight: 13 lbs
Wheels: 83mm 78a
Headlights? No

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Riptide R1 Elite

The Elite Package adds headlights / tail lights, along with larger, softer wheels, increasing speed and range.

more photos here

 Price: $629*
Top Speed: 20 mph
Range: 8 Miles*
Weight: 14 lbs
Wheels: 90mm 75a*
Headlights? Yes*


*This table shows "Early Bird Pricing." Sign up to be notified when we launch to ensure you get these prices.
R1 MSRP: $749. R1 Elite MSRP: $899.
The R1 and R1 Elite batteries are both <99Wh, making them safe for air travel.
Both boards charge in 3.5 hrs with our standard charger.
Both boards charge in 90 mins with our Fast Charger.
R1 Elite Wheels provided by ABEC 11. 
R1 Elite headlights and tail lights provided by Shredlights.