Riptide vs. The Competition

In the videos below we'll compare the Riptide R1 ($499) with the Boosted Board, Inboard, and Acton Blink S.


Riptide vs. Boosted

Certain elements of the Riptide R1's design were inspired by the Boosted Board, including the dual belt drive, wide trucks, and large, soft durometer urethane wheels. In this video, see how the Riptide stacks up against the Boosted Dual ($1299). 



Riptide vs. Inboard

In this video we'll compare the Riptide R1 and the Inboard M1 ($1399). The Inboard is known for its dual hub motors. These are great for a smooth coast but lack in off-the-line acceleration and hill climbing. 



Riptide vs Action Blink S

The Riptide is one of the only affordable boards on the market equipped with a dual belt motor. Check out how the power of a dual belt drive compares to a single hub drive found on many affordable models, including the Acton Blink S ($699).