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I haven’t spent regular time on a board since I was in junior high. The R1E brought back all the memories — especially with the kick tail! But this has also been a blast to ride around town with. And I can leave my car in the driveway for all of the small errands. My son loves it too. Great work, guys!




I have owned Evolve and Onewheel and Riptide - this is by far the best for my needs. The portability and power make it perfect for my commute.




Nothing against traditional longboards, but this gets me where I need to go in a fraction of the time. Less time spent traveling=more time to get stuff done. As a busy college student, this is awesome. Cute girls stare and sometimes even compliment me as I ride by, so that's a nice bonus.

Doug J.

Los Angeles, CA

This thing SHREDS!

Get it. Don't even think about it, just do it. You will have guaranteed happiness riding this board. I've taken this thing apart and put it back together just to really take in the full beauty of this simple and ingenious design. I go to and from my work which is a few miles away faster than I would in my car on some days. No doubt, good buy. Get now.

Dennis K.

Concord, NH

I don't take Uber anymore

Using my Riptide for 4 months now and I'm amazing by the power of this board. I don't take Uber anymore. Very well made, strong enough for hills, and awesome braking power as well.

Greg R.

Orlando, FL

Feels like surfing

I absolutely love this board. From the quality of the deck, the power of the motors to its incredible maneuverability, this is my favorite e-skate. The shorter board length makes for a really responsive ride that feels a lot like surfing when carving. Great job on this board.

Steven F.

Honolulu, HI

Best EBoard on the market

THIS IS AN INSANE LITTLE BOARD! Its perfect size, has great speed and half the time I feel as if I'm just coasting! I use this mostly for film so pair this with a 3 axis gimble and it easily becomes the most valuable asset in film production. Runs smooth and so much fun carving around! If you're tired of walking and would rather ride then GRAB THIS BOARD

Matt S.

Portland, OR

Pocket Rocket

So far soo good. Thanks for the board nice to ride and the kicktail is wicked much easier to ride then a longboard. Short compact great at carving n sharp turns also dropping off curbs its much easier on this board - the kicktail is key works so well. Good job riptide you have crafted an awesome board.

Tanner L.

Oceanside, CA

Seriously Impressive

Rode my R1 alongside a boosted board yesterday in about 30 degree winter weather.The boosted had a very slight acceleration advantage but the R1X has a slightly faster cruise top speed. I live around extremely steep hills and it and cruise up 95% of hills comfortably. I weigh 190 pounds and it has no troubles getting me anywhere! The quality of the trucks, wheels, and bearings is so smooth and stable.

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