Updated Manual and Charger Warning Stickers

complete board

Updated Manual

Please see our updated Owner's Manual here. View the new sections detailing battery and board warnings on pages 16-21.
Caution: Only use chargers provided by RideRiptide.

How to Install Charger Warning Stickers

Flip your board over. Note that the red part of the sticker should be oriented close to the charge port, while the black part of the sticker should be away from the charge port.
battery id sticker
Peel the back off your Battery ID / Charger Warning Sticker.
unpeel battery id sticker
Line the sticker up vertically with the charge port, and horizontally in the middle of the battery box. Apply the sticker.
apply side sticker
Here is how it should look when complete:
complete side sticker
Next, peel the back off of your Charger Cord Warning Sticker.
peel sticker
Wrap the sticker around the end of you Charger cord.
wrap the sticker
Adhere the two sides of the sticker to eacher.
secure sticker
final sticker