14 Mile RX Battery

Ships in 1-3 weeks.

Say goodbye to range anxiety with up to 14 miles of commute-crushing range per charge. The Riptide R1X battery features the largest capacity standard battery of any short board on the market. Samsung 25R 2500mah high drain lithium-ion cells give the RX Battery more range, more peak power, and less voltage sag.

The RX Battery can also be purchased separately and installed on any R1 or R1 Elite by following these directions. It is fully compatible with Riptide standard and speed chargers.



The Riptide R1X battery is 6S4P (21.6v nominal / 25.2v max, 10.0Ah total), with Samsung INR18650-25R high-discharge lithium ion cells each capable of over 20A of continuous discharge.

The BMS is 30A continuous / 60A peak, with all standard safety protections, cell balancing, temperature monitoring, and over-spec’d components.

Running high-discharge cells in a powerful 4P configuration with 10.0Ah of high-drain capacity gives the Riptide a significant increase in range per charge, with enough amperage to handle heavy loads when it needs it.


Customer Reviews: 


Customer Reviews

Based on 47 reviews

‘This Board is awesome! I absolutely love it....


Much more power ! And waaaay better range!


Riptide R1X

This thing is a beast

Wow does this thing have some torque. I installed this battery yesterday and took my board for a spin around the bay here in San Diego. Didn’t think my board could get anymore powerful, I was proven wrong with this new 14 mile range battery. I can go on some nice long rides now and not even worth about my battery life!


Riptide R1X

amazing product/great support

Stable at all speeds, looks and feels killer. Love it. Very helpful personalized support.

Smooth , fast and furious

I like this board it’s fast and convenient for me when I have to go across town, and going to work. It also fits in my locker at work.I live in NYC and we don’t have smooth streets like in Cali, potholes is way of life in NYC lol. But the Abec wheels really makes the ride much smoother. I’m 6”3 weigh 230lb and this board pulled me up a nice size hill.you also can feel the Torque in it, so I will say this wear a helmet and protect yourself. I like to ease into the brakes and use my foot to slow down, in my opinion the brakes are strong but I feel like the board is gonna toss me off lol so I do what works for me. I’m not gonna lie my first ride I felt like a kid flying down the block son. I also ride crosstown at night so the lights on it really helps so people can see you, because cabs will hit you and keep moving. Other then that I’m just having fun having fun with it. And no I wasn’t paid to say this. Peace.


I skated all through my youth but as I got older skating became less of a priority and too risky. Many of my friends and colleagues have always said how fun it would be to get a Segway or a hover board, or any of the other electric modes of transport. Before I got my electric skateboard I even tried Razor scooters but felt goofy riding them around in public. Something about a grown man in a suit and tie riding a scooter just didn’t feel right.

Riding my Riptide R1X I feel right at home.

I’m super excited whenever I get to ride it and I get around much faster than I anticipated.

The charge lasts more than enough, it’s incredibly fast, agile and great looking.

My only regret is not getting one sooner!

Extra Range + Performance

The RX Battery has been a great upgrade to my R1 Elite, performing exactly as one would expect. The range has had a welcome increase to about 14 miles with voltage sag being greatly reduced compared to the standard battery. Additionally, the new battery brings with it better performance overall, bumping up my top speed to about 22 mph on my 90mm ABEC wheels and providing a bit more torque, which has been noticeable on steep inclines. Installation took a bit of time but was not an issue thanks to the helpful guides provided by the Riptide team.

Ultimate Campus Cruiser

Amazing board for getting around my University. The torque of the belt-driven motors get me up any steep hills with no issue while the brakes allow me to comfortably travel downhill with control in packed crowds, and the kicktail and short wheel base give me the maneuverability I need on campus to turn tight corners and avoid hazards. Not to mention, the handles give board the portability I need when going from class to class hassle-free. Upon receiving my Riptide, I did discover a minor issue that I've found a batch of their boards have had, being loose grip tape that begun to peel. It was by no means a drastic issue, as it would sit the moment you begun riding, but I reached out and support was phenomenal. I was sent out some replacement grip tape without hesitation and they were sure to answer any questions or concerns I had. My experience with my Riptide and the Riptide Team has been outstanding and I couldn't be happier with my purchase.

Thanks for the kind words and I'm glad we were able to get a new grip tape nose piece out to you right away.