Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard

  • The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard packs serious speed (18 mph) and range (7 miles) into a compact package.

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Upgraded to the 90mm black Refly's...Cant Be Stopped!!


Solid and smooth. It’s very affordable and the carry handles are truly the best part. Knowing that I could lock it up is a plus. I got the base model and I’m still on middle mode. I’m very surprise on how much power it has. I’m able to push my kid on his bike when he gets to tired to pedal. The wheels are big enough to go over cracks and small pebbles. Very happy with the purchase.


I’m 39 yo. Used to snowboard and skate. This is so much friggin fun. Can’t wait for spring!

Awesome Shredder Heavyweight Approved

I got my board last Thursday and I absolutely love it!! I weigh about 235 lbs and this board has no problem with my weight at all!!! The kicktail makes maneuverability even in the tightest spots no problem at all!! I'm so glad I purchased this instead of spending twice as much on another board. I e already ordered the custom nose grip tape and waiting on that to come and also plan on getting an extended range battery in the near future

Riptide R1 is the best way to commute around campus!

I'm a college student and I couldn't enjoy more commute to school anymore without my R1. It's a smooth exhilarating ride to class every day and it has everything I'd want in a board: size, power, portability, and battery life. Everything I would ever need in a board.

Awesome electric skateboard!

This board is incredible -- I really love it. The acceleration is fun and quick and great trucks too.

Sweet ride

Super powerful, smooth and fun.
Only issue was the grip tap wasn’t sticking much when I got it. I gave up on the top board part, but you don’t really need so no biggie. Thanks for the board.

Thanks for the kind words! Please email us and we’ll getting you either a standard black replacement or one of our new custom grips.

I've had this board for close to a year now and love every second of it. Be sure to maintain the motors so screws don't come lose but all around amazing board. Love every second riding it.

This thing SHREDS!

Get it. Don't even think about it, just do it. You will have guaranteed happiness riding this board. I've taken this thing apart and put it back together just to really take in the full beauty of this simple and ingenious design. I appreciate the fact that you can walk right onto a plane with it and E-skate any journey. For $599.99 this is the best bang your buck will ever get. I go to and from my work which is a few miles away faster than I would in my car on some days. No doubt, good buy. Get now.

Better than Boosted Minis and Actons

This board kills other short boards you can buy. The Boosted mini and mini x board dual drives are nice to look at but the deck just doesnt feel right. Feels way heavy. The riptide deck is way better build quality and the grip tape looks sick. The Acton shortboards are a joke, slow and plastically, perfect for kids.

The Riptide has a legit 7mile range and a few times when taking it easy I even got a 10mile range a few times. Downsides are lack of flex and I wish there was a swappable battery but I didn't find myself missing that feature since I got the XR battery upgrade with 14 miles range.

Obviously if you want to go offroad the Riptide isnt for that but I havent ridden a better street electric short board.