Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard

  • The Riptide R1 Electric Skateboard packs serious speed (18 mph) and range (7 miles) into a compact package.

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Great Gift

Bought the R1 as a gift for a star employee and he loves it! We rode together for an hour straight and had a blast!

2nd board

Pimping ain't easy but somebody's got to do it

Hands down best Electric board out there.

I have rode and tested out pretty much most of the brands and Riptide has built the best one. It has most authentic feel towards and actual skateboard and having handles on it is huge compared to other boards which makes them annoying to carry. Could not recommend this board enough.


I love it!!

Very happy customer

I’m beyond happy with my recent purchase so much so we’ve already looked into getting another board or two for the family. So more upkeep instructions for my board could’ve been a nice add on but aside from that this thing is the real deal. Thank you!


This board is so fricken cool! I’m a novice to skateboarding in general but when I tell you this thing rips! (Pun intended) If you are wondering whether to get this bad boy or not their is no question about it. Riptide is the way to go.


Riptide R1


Riptide R1

Great board

So, this is all being done without having ridden the Boosted Mini S which is probably this board's most direct competitor. I used a discount code so the base price for me was $499, still a lot but far better than Boosted. I can't speak for the Mini S but the R1 behaves way more like a regular board than you would expect which is the biggest selling point for me. Feels great under your feet. I tightened the trucks quite a bit because I'm more used to that feel and at higher speeds you tend to get the speed wobbles. I ride everyday over some bike paths that are less than ideal and it's bumpy but holds up fine, the wheels are super durable.

In terms of acceleration, there are two settings: low and high. Low is pretty slow but has very gentle initial acceleration while high is where you'll find the most pleasant cruising speed. I could swear the first day I used the board, the toggle pushed all the way down on low was more equal to about halfway down on high but it's since been pretty slow. Not sure what to make of that, high hasn't been affected. Again, I don't have a comparison point to other boards but the acceleration on high is fairly abrupt and if your weight is shifted a little bit or your stance is a little too narrow, you'll be leaning back pretty quickly.

That's my only complaint. If the acceleration on high was a little more gradual, I'd give it five stars. I ride about 2 miles a day, give or take and I get four days out of the battery. A note though that if the battery light gets to 2 bars, you don't actually have that much distance left.

I'm super curious to ride a Boosted Mini now to see how it compares but right now for the price, appearance and feel of this board, I don't think anyone's beating it. Buy with confidence.

So much fun!

Perfect compact size for commuting around the city. Goes hella fast, and eats hills for breakfast. I get tons of questions about this board when out. Only critique is that the grip tape is super crap and was pealing off out of the box (and every day). Asked customer care for replacement but never got it.

Glad to hear you're enjoying it! If we did not send the grip tape please email us and we'll make sure to make that happen ASAP.