Riptide R1 Elite

  • The Riptide R1 Elite Electric Skateboard packs serious speed (20 mph) and range (8 miles) into a compact package.  A new order will ship out within one business day and take 1-5 business days to arrive via UPS Ground, depending on your distance from Los Angeles. International orders may be required to pay additional import fees.  

Electric Skateboard with Kick Tail

Designed By Riders, For Riders

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Better than Boosted Minis and Actons

This board kills other short boards you can buy. The Boosted mini and mini x board dual drives are nice to look at but the deck just doesnt feel right. Feels way heavy. The riptide deck is way better build quality and the grip tape looks sick. The Acton shortboards are a joke, slow and plastically, perfect for kids.

The Riptide has a legit 7mile range and a few times when taking it easy I even got a 10mile range a few times. Downsides are lack of flex and I wish there was a swappable battery but I didn't find myself missing that feature since I got the XR battery upgrade with 14 miles range.

Obviously if you want to go offroad the Riptide isnt for that but I havent ridden a better street electric short board.

Riptide - Riding the UK concrete wave!

My love for the Riptide R1 started before I owned the board - I saw it online when it was initially released and instantly fell in love. I could tell by the riding style that the tagline "Designed by Riders, for Riders" wasn't just a tagline - this thing was different! I was already riding a Boosted but I knew I wanted a Riptide so I could ride that concrete wave in a completely different way.

It arrived and it didn't disappoint! I can, hand on heart, say it exceeding my expectations. The weight balance is brilliant! I also own a Boosted Mini but whipping this board around is lovely; it's lighter at the front and it begs to be thrown about. The wheels are the biggest surprise; initially I thought maybe I would swap them out - no need! These are made of an impressive formula and they ride great. That's coming from someone riding the UK roads too!

I have 5.5 mile commute to work - I thought this would be for joyrides. So long as you have a decent route, it can be used to commute! Not a problem.

The control is more responsive as you work your way up the modes; I've ordered the advanced controller and can't wait to try it out.

But what I really cant wait for... is Summer 2019. It's going to be one hell of a ride!


Riptide R1


Board is great so far!

Ski Chinski Stakeboard

If you don’t know who Ski Chinski is, forgettaboutit riding this stakeboard. So, Rad! This stakeboard is perfect, recommend wear your helmet riding the Riptide. The braking system is awesome, I was impressed and the speed is good but wish I could go wee bit faster than 22. I couldn’t be happier, thank.