Riptide R1 Elite

  • The Riptide R1 Elite Electric Skateboard packs serious speed (20 mph) and range (8 miles) into a compact package, with killer extras like head + tail lights from ShredLights and top-of-the-line wheels from ABEC11.

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Electric Skateboard with Kick Tail

Designed By Riders, For Riders

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Almost Perfected

The size is absolutely perfect, just big enough to be able to stand comfortably, but also small enough to fit anywhere
The handles are so much more useful than you could expect
The size of the wheels make it to where you can ride on almost any surface without worry
The height of the board is just tall enough to ride without worrying about bottoming out, without feeling like your standing on a stepstool on wheels
The distinct modes are the perfect settings for the beginner, casual riding, and trying not to get hit by that car who decided to turn even though you're in the crosswalk
The tail is such an underrated feature of longboards
Honestly, it is just fun

The breaking with the standard remote it very abrupt (which can be useful but unless you are expecting it you will get thrown off)
The weight can get to be heavy if you are carrying it for a whole (i.e. carrying it through LAX because you got yelled at for riding it through LAX)
The price; at a steep $700+ for this board it is blatantly expensive.

Going into this I intended to give it a 4-star review because of things like the price and the lack of gradual breaking and the price; however, this board is awesome. There is no other way to put it, this thing is great. It is an investment but it is one that you should make!


Love my board!! So quick and sleak... built extremely well. Highly highly recommend!

So good I wanted another one!

One of the best electric skateboards on the market. Ticks all the boxes!
Where budget pricing meets quality board!

Wonderful product extremely long delivery time.

It was unfortunate I was unable to receive this product in under a month. Also the grip tape at the top of the board was falling off out of the box. I have had the product just over a month and the grip tape will no longer stick.

Tom - Glad you hear you’re enjoying it! Please accept outbound apology regarding our fulfillment delays around the holidays last year. If you aren’t having issues with your grip tape please email us and we’ll send you a free replacement.

Lights are pretty unreliable, started to flash randomly and sometimes not turn on at all after about 10 hours of riding. Grip tape started to come up after a couple weeks. No operational problems with the board, but you’d think for the price tag you wouldn’t have problems like this.

Hi Haley - We’re sorry Ron Hearn about those issues. Please email us at and we’ll replace the faulty ShredLights and get you a been grip tape - both are eastbound to install.
Just plain awesome!!

Great design! Love the speed and the extra wheels. Just an amazing product!

Riptide feels so much like surfing

I absolutely love this board. From the quality of the deck, the power of the motors to its incredible maneuverability, this is my favorite e-skate. The shorter board length makes for a really responsive ride that feels a lot like surfing when carving. Great job on this board.

Awesome Board

Very cool, quality seems very high.

Regular Air traveler, 50 miles so far

My first few rides, had extatic over this board. Then my first out of town trip... for starters, couldn’t find a good bag that I could use for the board. Settled on a baseball bat bag (almost perfect - board, cord, tool, helmet and gloves with room to spare & folds up pretty good when not in use) for $20 from sporting goods store. Commuting to office and the esc died on me. Customer service was great but no easy fix, so stranded and had to wait for replacement parts.
After swapping out parts, board rode great again. Ordered extended range battery, makes huge difference but can’t fly with it.
Also went with the new remote, which I feel is a big improvement. My only issue is that reverse is not needed and is more of a hazard than anything. 2nd ride with new remote and accidentally hit the reverse button sending me forward but the board backward (broke new remote). I kick to start to extend battery and that just sucked! $35 down the drain. If you buy one I highly recommend modding it to disable the reverse button completely.
Since replacing the esc, haven’t had any other issues. Works great to have a tail when urban riding and the handle comes in, well handy when I have to pick up and shuttle it in crowds.
By removing the battery (got it down to about 5-10 mins) and checking it in the baseball bag, carrying the battery in my carry on luggage, ive had no issues. Since I travel regularly the smaller battery helps avoid any reliance on rides when I get to where I need to go. The range leaves a lot to be desired but it’s a give and take that I understand has to happen with this particular setup. Sure their are other brands that have more power but those have multiple batteries becoming their own carryon ( I limit as much as possible to travel lite).
All in all, had I not got a defective esc, I’d be giving 5 stars but while it all got resolved, for the price I paid and the issues I had, I feel 4 stars is almost too generous. Again, customer service was Johnny on th...

Riptide - Riding the UK concrete wave!

My love for the Riptide R1 started before I owned the board - I saw it online when it was initially released and instantly fell in love. I could tell by the riding style that the tagline "Designed by Riders, for Riders" wasn't just a tagline - this thing was different! I was already riding a Boosted but I knew I wanted a Riptide so I could ride that concrete wave in a completely different way.

It arrived and it didn't disappoint! I can, hand on heart, say it exceeding my expectations. The weight balance is brilliant! I also own a Boosted Mini but whipping this board around is lovely; it's lighter at the front and it begs to be thrown about. The wheels are the biggest surprise; initially I thought maybe I would swap them out - no need! These are made of an impressive formula and they ride great. That's coming from someone riding the UK roads too!

I have 5.5 mile commute to work - I thought this would be for joyrides. So long as you have a decent route, it can be used to commute! Not a problem.

The control is more responsive as you work your way up the modes; I've ordered the advanced controller and can't wait to try it out.

But what I really cant wait for... is Summer 2019. It's going to be one hell of a ride!