Surf Truck Adapter Kit

Upgrade your R1, R1E, or R1X to the super-carve steering of the all new R1 Black.

This kit includes:

  • Front Truck Surf Adapter by Waterborne
  • Rear Rail Adapter by Waterborne
  • Mounting Hardware (it is very important that you use our hardware in order to ensure proper fitment and clearances.

See how to install a Surf Truck Adapter Kit here.

A new order will ship out in 2-5 days and take 1-5 business days to arrive once shipped via UPS Ground, depending on your distance from Los Angeles. International orders may be required to pay additional import fees.


Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Surf trucks

Nothing feels better than that heel side carve. Am I snowboarding? No. Am I surfing? No. I’m riding my riptide. What an amazing flow.

Its great, makes me smile and go outside

No comment, try yourself.

Really fun!

So far so good! This thing is so much fun to ride. Very different from all the other ESK8 boards I own (Boosted, Dualomo Bustin, Onewheel). Can't believe how stable it is going at higher speeds. Such a nimble and maneuverable ride. So surfy! Love having the motor so you don't have to pump like crazy. The standing platform is a little higher off the ground which can be a little awkward but I understand the need for clearance. I feel that the wheel base can be a little short, especially the amount of space in the rear. When accelerating, the front end tends to lift often if my back foot is placed to far back.

I'd love to put more miles and continue to ride over the summer.

Super fun, super fast

It makes you feel like you are a legit surfer but then you realize your still on pavement. :(

If you're still humming and hawing, BUY THIS.

I've had my Riptide for about a year before the R1B launched. Though slightly skeptical about a few things, it looked like too much fun to pass up, so I purchased the surf adapter add-on.
I was a bit skeptical at first this would actually be safe and stable with the much looser feel with these added adapters, but let me assure you, they are. In fact, I feel even safer and more in control of the board with the added agility and maneuverability of these adapters. Not to mention it is SO MUCH CARVEY FUN!! My other concern was the added weight the adapter would be to the board, since I loved the portability of it. Living downtown, a lot of times riding around I have to hop off and carry the board when it gets too crowded. But who needs to carry the board when these adapters can handle such tight turns -- I can now easily navigate my way through a crowd!
I can't say enough about how much fun the Waterborne adapter + Riptide board combo is. If you're on the fence about the R1B, don't be. Just get it. Riptide board fun multiplied!

Carves like a snowboard

This board is awesome! I have an electric longboard, and this R1 Black is so much more fun compared to the longboard. This board carves so well and it reminds me of snowboarding. This is much more maneuverable and it is easier to carry it around than my electric longboard.

Lots of fun - best bang for the buck

R1 black with the surf track is so much fun. Love it. Very good response, speed, carving, braking etc. And I have a lot of electric devices such as scooters, electric unicycles...

Surf Trucks

Love these trucks, definitely a different ride. Quick cuts without losing the feel of the board!

Prototype Ripping

I got to ride during one of the promo shoots. This thing RIPS. So much fun and such good flow.

Carving Machine

Love this. Takes a little bit of trial and error to get the tightness dialed in, but when you do it carves like nothing else.