Riptide x Vlux

Riptide x Vlux Collab - Limited Edition Hype Model R1

The Riptide R1 x Vlux Electric Skateboard packs serious speed (18 mph) and range (7 miles) into a compact package. 

The compact design, handles and kicktail make this board ideal for daily use. Super easy to carve and maneuver tight corners, light enough to carry comfortably, and impressively powerful.

Only 15 available for preorder. This skateboard is available for $399 preorder to friends and family.

This board supports Vlux, a startup business founded in Santa Barbara by Adam Verhasselt and operated with the help of Ben Fogiel, Ryley Peterson, Josh Ross, and Will Young. All Nevada County natives. The brand curates underground street art in limited edition apparel prints.

The Board will be $720 full price starting in February. Please share this with people you know who will like it! We love the support!

Use code PRE-200 to place a non-refundable $200 dollar deposit to reserve yours now.